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  1. picture taken Valentines Day, Bay St Louis, MS. Myrtle maybe?
  2. pictures taken yesterday, Bay St Louis, MS (gulf coast)
  3. thanks for comments, I corrected ebird from Virginia to clapper/king
  4. it ran across the road right after taking this shot, I was lucky to get this one. this is the original photo, a brackish marsh is on both sides of the road, a bridge over a natural bayou is right behind the truck. I have seen and photographed virginia, clapper, and king rails, my first thought on this one when taking the picture was that it was a virginia rail, strictly based on size.
  5. Picture taken in my neighborhood through windshield of my truck today, Bay St Louis, MS
  6. pictures taken 1/13/2021 at a soccer field near my home in Bay St Louis, MS. I believe one to be red shouldered, and the other is ? Both were hunting off soccer goals and were about 200 feet apart.
  7. pictures taken in my yard this morning, Bay St Louis, MS
  8. picture taken today with dozens of goldfinches. maybe a pine siskin?
  9. I believe both are red tailed, can I say both are Harlan's?
  10. checked sparrows guide and warbler guide. ??? picture taken today, Bay St Louis, MS
  11. I was deleting old pictures from camera memory card and came upon this one. Maybe oven bird. Picture taken Feb 2018, Bay St Louis, MS
  12. pctures taken this week, Bay WSt Louis, MS Can I ID first as Dark eyed Junco and second as Dark Eyed Junco (slate-colored)
  13. pictures taken this morning Bay St Louis, MS
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