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  1. Thank you all. Here is a really bad shot of one of the female birds in question balancing on the feeder in high winds. The chest is a bit speckled and this bird is approx blackbird size. The stripe at the lower head does not look like a large sparrow variety eg white crowned sparrow.
  2. Thank you for all replies! I opened the curtains half asleep this morning and there was the male again! Very shy bird, and by the time I grabbed my camera it was gone....again although the others, grackles, sparrows, goldfinch, downy woodpeckers and nuthatch all held their ground! If I ever get a snap away I will share. Would love to sit in my window and wait all day however I have a life that needs attending to!
  3. Thanks for the help but they weren't sparrows of any variety or size. They were foraging next to grackles and sparrows. The body shape is not the same as well as the size and I was only 6 feet away. I will take a photo asap.
  4. Yes other sparrows as well as robins and a number of other species. Smaller than a grackle but not much. I was only a few feet away looking through a window. Thanks for the reply!
  5. When I saw photos of those birds I thought it might be the one but the sparrow is way too small. This is a larger bird like a robin or blackbird size. Thanks for the reply though!
  6. South eastern Ontario, a pair of birds spotted for the first time. Very shy so no photos yet. Robin size foraging on ground under bird feeders. F is mainly brown with some lighter plumage and blends in well with the leaves, M has bold stripes black and white on head and a soft grey/beige chest and underbelly. I have trawled through photos online all day and cannot find anything but if i had to guess, some kind of thrush or cowbird. Please help!
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