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  1. The grayer ones could also be young birds born earlier this spring/summer.
  2. Yeah... definitely not either Scaup. For some reason, I thought female Ferruginous had yellow eyes(which is incorrect)... so this has to be a female Tufted.
  3. 1. female Chaffinch 2. looks like a Ferruginous Duck female w/ young.
  4. I could see this as a Ruddy Shelduck... there are populations breeding in the Netherlands. Was this near a body of water?
  5. First is Spotted Eagle Owl and the second is Verreaux's (Giant) Eagle Owl
  6. Yeah my best guess would be juvie White-throated as well.
  7. Red-crested is in Asia and Indonesia from what i can gather...I am thinking Bearded Woodpecker here and appears to be a male.
  8. Pretty sure it is either a Pale Chanting or Dark Chanting Goshawk.
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