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  1. birdbrain22

    Yellow-Bellied Sap Sucker?

    Yes, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker there.
  2. birdbrain22

    Mealy Parrot? (pet)

    Blue-crowned for me too.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't think there are 20-30 Red-crested Cardinals in Pensacola either.
  4. Yes to TB Murre for #1 and Razorbill for #2.
  5. birdbrain22


    Orange-crowned seconded.
  6. birdbrain22


    How did you get my sister to model for the painting? Seriously though....great job!
  7. We need a picture! Don't worry about if it might not be great quality... we might be able to pick up something that seals the ID.
  8. birdbrain22

    Costa Rica Bird

    just a guess, but how about possibly a juvenile Slaty Spinetail?
  9. However this is a female. TBN was stating what a male would show(and what this bird does not have) Definitely a female.
  10. birdbrain22

    Cardinal Coloring

    Yep... young male molting into adult plumage.
  11. birdbrain22

    Shore Bird

    Yes, Dunlin there.
  12. birdbrain22

    Wren confusion

    House Wren for me.
  13. birdbrain22

    LBB in Puerto Vallarta

    Yeah the bill is slightly overgrown, but everything else fits fine for Blue Grosbeak.
  14. Agree with male here... not all are the solid gray portrayed in guides. Also it could be a younger male in the process of transitioning to adult plumage.