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  1. This is where I am at as well. I agree with all... including the "I think" part on #5
  2. Agree with Mississippi Kite and Broad-winged Hawk here.
  3. This is a immature Cooper’s Hawk
  4. I can not open any of dropbox links in any of the England threads...
  5. Agree all the pics in this thread show Mallards(including the white domestic in pic 1)
  6. @wolffish @Trevor L. #4 looks better for a female Twite based on a few things: Yellow bill, deeply fork tail, heavy streaking on back, and buff wingtips among other things.
  7. Yes it is a subspecies... so at the species level it is still White Wagtail Edit: Sorry should've read 1 post below... akandula summed it up nicely.
  8. I think this is a Stonechat... I am just not sure if it is a juvenile or a adult in molt.
  9. .I agree with this... there are quite a few breeding pairs of Grasshopper Sparrows there and only only lone Henslow's which none of these pics are.
  10. Yeah I agree probably best to leave as Elaenia sp.
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