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  1. 28 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    I agree as far as that goes, but we don't definitively know the cause of death.  If it was a building strike, we don't know if there was something wrong with the bird that could have caused flight problems.

    Oh I misread the info... thought it said building strike.

    I will say this, over the years I have seen quite a few Woodcocks along on the edge of roads and some even in the roads. They do not move until vehicles get so close and I have even seen cars go over a Woodcock in the road only for the bird to get up and walk off after the car had passed over it. Also have seen a mother and babies crossing the road in front of me and as i approached they all just sat down on the road.... camouflage does not work everywhere!

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  2. Well, first let me say after 65 views... thanks for the ideas everyone...:classic_laugh:  Anyway, and in case anyone was wondering, on my business(not much birding time) trip I managed 102 species which included 15 lifers. Tried for a nearby Tropical Kingbird 2x in Walnut Creek... but missed both times and was hoping a Prairie Falcon would show in Mt. Diablo State Park... but not in the cards.

    1 Clark's Grebe  

    2. Long-billed Curlew         

    3. Surfbird (such fat birds)

    4. Wandering Tattler

    5.  Rock Sandpiper

    6. Acorn Woodpecker

    7. Nuttall's Woodpecker

    8. Pygmy Nuthatch

    9. Ferruginous Hawk

    10. Anna's Hummingbird

    11. Allen's Hummingbird

    12. Oak Titmouse

    13.Golden-crowned Sparrow

    14. Rufous-Crowned Sparrow

    15. Red-breasted Sapsucker


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  3. Any local or non local Californians have spots for San Fran area. I know all about ebird, but I am looking for first hand local advice. Need to stay fairly local to San Fran, but will probably be around the area for work during the week between SF-San Jose.  Planning to hit Don Edwards NWR and PIER 39 for sea lions. Won't have a whole lot of time to bird so need to make the best of it chasing lifers(knowing there are wildfires in the areas):

    CA Condor, Ferruginous Hawk, Prairie Falcon, Mtn Quail, Surfbird, Lewis's WP, RB Sapsucker, Tropical or Cassin's Kingbird, YB Magpie, Townsend's Solitaire, California Thrasher, Rufous crowned Sparrow, Bell's Sparrow, Tri-colored Blackbird, Lawerence's Goldfinch


    Easy targets(i think): LB Curlew, Black Turnstone, Wandering Tattler, Acorn WP, Nuttall's WP Pygmy Nuthatch,GC Sparrow


    Not much time to plan so any advice certainly appreciated.



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