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  1. Agree... look at the bulkiness in pic 3 as well.
  2. Yeah I am not sure if one is more popular in pet trade or not. I just knew it was an Indigobird and forgot how many species there were... and then I looked and made my second post. I think there may have been relatively recent splits into some new species too
  3. or Village or one of the other species that look identical! lol
  4. This is one of the Indigobirds... my guess would be Dusky
  5. FWIW...not certain, but I like Acadian here.
  6. I definitely want another photo as well... but I am leaning Yellow-bellied from this alone
  7. So it is a rehabilitating/rescue bird... which explains the close-up shot.
  8. I agree with Veery here. The Newfoundland population/race is much browner overall and darker in the face. We have banded some and they look nothing like the "typical" veery
  9. This is where I am at as well. I agree with all... including the "I think" part on #5
  10. Agree with Mississippi Kite and Broad-winged Hawk here.
  11. I can not open any of dropbox links in any of the England threads...
  12. Agree all the pics in this thread show Mallards(including the white domestic in pic 1)
  13. @wolffish @Trevor L. #4 looks better for a female Twite based on a few things: Yellow bill, deeply fork tail, heavy streaking on back, and buff wingtips among other things.
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