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  1. Yes it is a subspecies... so at the species level it is still White Wagtail Edit: Sorry should've read 1 post below... akandula summed it up nicely.
  2. I think this is a Stonechat... I am just not sure if it is a juvenile or a adult in molt.
  3. .I agree with this... there are quite a few breeding pairs of Grasshopper Sparrows there and only only lone Henslow's which none of these pics are.
  4. Yeah I agree probably best to leave as Elaenia sp.
  5. I think there are some Black tailed Godwits and some Spotted? Redshanks. I agree with Little Egret and Common Sandpiper. The last is a Common Moorhen(NOT a Common Gallinule) as when they were split the Moorhen name stayed with the Euro species and the NA species took on the Gallinule name. So the species in Canada is the Common Gallinule while in Europe it is a separate species... the Common Moorhen.
  6. Don't think you can make that call from this shot.... overall still looks like an Osprey to me.
  7. It is one of the Elaenias...possibly a lightly colored Yellow-bellied?
  8. 1. are Dunlin(black belly patch) agree with the rest
  9. The grayer ones could also be young birds born earlier this spring/summer.
  10. Yeah... definitely not either Scaup. For some reason, I thought female Ferruginous had yellow eyes(which is incorrect)... so this has to be a female Tufted.
  11. 1. female Chaffinch 2. looks like a Ferruginous Duck female w/ young.
  12. I could see this as a Ruddy Shelduck... there are populations breeding in the Netherlands. Was this near a body of water?
  13. First is Spotted Eagle Owl and the second is Verreaux's (Giant) Eagle Owl
  14. Yeah my best guess would be juvie White-throated as well.
  15. Red-crested is in Asia and Indonesia from what i can gather...I am thinking Bearded Woodpecker here and appears to be a male.
  16. Pretty sure it is either a Pale Chanting or Dark Chanting Goshawk.
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