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    7 hours ago, The Bird Nuts said:

    I believe 1, 2, 3, and 5 are all Grasshopper Sparrows (big beak is one of the ID marks for them), 3 and 5 being juveniles.  4 is a Song Sparrow.  It is young, so that's why it has thin streaking.

    .I agree with this... there are quite a few breeding pairs of Grasshopper Sparrows there and only only lone Henslow's which none of these pics are.

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  2. 13 hours ago, guy_incognito said:

    Agree that it looks like an Elaenia.  Elaenias are notoriously difficult (and sometimes impossible) to identify.  There are 11 different Elaenias reported to eBird from Goias, so I really wouldn't have much confidence venturing an ID.

    Yeah I agree probably best to leave as Elaenia sp.


  3. I think there are some Black tailed Godwits and some Spotted? Redshanks.


    I agree with Little Egret and Common Sandpiper.

    The last is a Common Moorhen(NOT a Common Gallinule) as when they were split the Moorhen name stayed with the Euro species and the NA species took on the Gallinule name. So the species in Canada is the Common Gallinule while in Europe it is a separate species... the Common Moorhen.

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