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  1. The Western Scrub Jay was split into California and Woodhouse's(separated by range mostly)...see link https://www.audubon.org/news/here-are-biggest-changes-aou-checklist-north-american-birds The Island Scrub Jay remains as such.
  2. If in South Africa... I'd suggest Green Woodhoopoe. The appear black mostly but they have a green iridescence.
  3. Finding non-introduced true native birds in HI is certainly a challenge. On my trip to just Oahu, 29 of my 41 species were introduced at some point. I was glad to get 3 of the difficult(especially on Oahu) endemics, 12 total wild/non-introduced species. Certainly nice to see all the species, but very disheartening when you think of the effect on local species. "Introduced" as applies to some mammal species that devastate some local bird species populations there.
  4. Hey... what do ya know, Merlin was correct this time!
  5. Well even Mods are incorrect sometimes... this is 100% a Hoodie.
  6. ok... it shows as orange on my screen but thought that was a light issue. Even though they can be red, orange or yellow... most common is red . I figure it is diet that is responsible for the difference in individual birds as is the case most times with things like that.
  7. If you decide to go home thru NJ and DE... I will offer some suggestions. While migration will have started by late August... it will not be that great yet. Let us know your final route decision home and if I do not respond, send me a message. I will tell you to avoid I-95 through DC-VA area at all costs... ALWAYS traffic nightmare. If you have the time, I would recommend taking the coastal route from DE via Cheesapeake Bay/Bridge Tunnel(toll) into Norfolk VA area... only if you have the time.
  8. Another option for #2 is...Antillean Siskin
  9. I doubt a positive ID can be made for either... buteo sp for the raptor and bird sp for #2
  10. The bird with the red cap is a very upset Eastern Kingbird. The yellow bird looks good for female Orchard ORIOLE ALSO.
  11. Agree with Hooded Merganser.. either female or 2nd year male.
  12. For your soaring bird... take a look at Juvenile Magnificent Frigatebird. For the smaller bird... possibly Village Weaver?
  13. It is definitely a silhouette of a Heron or Egret.... I'd say looks good for a Great Blue Heron
  14. Dam... guess being up at 4am the past few days, does wonders for my bleary eyes... I took the yellow in the first pic as leaves, but upon closer look, i see it is the bird, so I agree with Nashville... good catch. I can see 6 as a Tenneessee. But the underside of tail look white to me in 7, plus looks like some blackish marking on face/cheek... favors Hooded over Wilson's for me. OP, any other pics of 7?
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