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  1. Sulphur-breasted Bush-shrike confirmed. I am not sure of age... but I think it is an adult.
  2. That second series is definitely a Zone-tailed. not sure on first series as i did not save/zoom in on those.
  3. I think more likely to be Eastern on South Padre Island.
  4. Tree Swallow yes... Mute Swan... no. It is a Trumpeter Swan.. besides i doubt very much anyone is tagging Mute Swans.
  5. Olived-sided would be darker and throat whiter... looks like a Pewee to me.
  6. Mostly yellow bill is fine for female and the light/angle may be somewhat affecting the total bill color in pic... top of bill appears slightly darker to me.
  7. Yeah the newer pic is an Orchard... oh and thanks lonesome55dove!
  8. You should call it that even if it showed up in your yard today...
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