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  1. Head, body and bill size are not correct for Blue Grosbeak... I am all in for Indigo Bunting here.
  2. You can definitely see the more rounded vs the straight of the Sharpie from the back with tail closed in most cases. The shorter outer tail feathers are only viewed from the underside. UNLESS, I am totally misunderstanding what you are saying here.
  3. RobinHood.... It is still a Sharpie. I really try to not go on ID sites from my phone... for just this reason. Sometimes I need to see the big picture!
  4. Agree with TBN ... Cooper's here. In addition to the nape, the longer rounded tail.
  5. Upon looking on my computer tonight... I now see all birds being Sharpies.
  6. The think the first looks like an immature Cooper's Hawk... angle making it a little tough. The second is a Sharpie.
  7. Probably just a 2nd year male or just a late molting male.
  8. Looking again, it is either a Eastern River Cooter or a Red-eared Slider.
  9. Yeah... I am having some trouble with this bird... but I keep coming back to BG Gnatcatcher too.
  10. I would agree with Red-eared Slider now seeing the fuller pic. I really could not see much on the other for some reason.
  11. Here is a rough guide of bird frequencies throughout the year in Cecil county. It is from ebird.org... https://ebird.org/barchart?byr=1900&eyr=2019&bmo=1&emo=12&r=US-MD-015
  12. I'd like to know how you are eliminating some of the Map Turtle species from that limited photo?
  13. It would be much better for ID if you posted the FULL pic in this thread.
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