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  1. Yes Scaley breasted Munia aka Nutmeg Manakin. They are not native to Florida and are an established exotic(as many other species in Florida). Yes they usually do travel in small flocks, but not always. Finally... I can sleep tonight!
  2. Agree that Merlin is the best option based solely on this pic.
  3. I see: 1. Young Gray Hawk 2. thinking Swainson's Hawk 3 & 4. Harris's Hawks
  4. Agree with this... except remove the ? on the thrushes. They are definite Hermit Thrushes.
  5. I think it is a Blue-winged Teal x Green Winged Teal
  6. Agree... definite Yellow Crowned Night Heron here.
  7. Certainly a species of Watersnake here. Looks like a Common Watersnake to me.
  8. Incubation for Canada Geese is 24-29 days... so probably very late Feb laying, which down in Arkansas is probably right especially if weather was mild(maybe just a tad early).
  9. Agree both birds in question are Lincoln's Sparrows
  10. Agree first series shows Downy Woodpecker and the second pic is of a Nuttall's
  11. Definite Magnificent Frigatebird here. Common high above the beaches in South Florida.
  12. Post them...they may still show something that would sway the ID one way or the other.
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