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  1.  On a recent business trip to Miami, picked up a 2 misses from last time as well as 2 rarities. However no pics as I did not bring the camera.

    622-625: Thick-billed Vireo, Western Spindalis, White-winged Parakeet, and Spot-breasted Oriole.

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  2. Agree with female Redhead here. As was stated above that white mark, the facial marking is fine for female Redhead.... Remembering that there can be  variation between individual birds.

    @ egosnell2002... In my experience, Redheads usually mix in with Scaup, but I have seen plenty of times where all 3 species (Redheads, Ring-neckeds and Scaup) are on the same small body of water.

    @ Millipede...as with many species, the more you see this species(even females), it will become easier to differentiate them. I always recommend using a field guide with true pics as well as one with drawings, as both have pros and cons, but used together can often give a clearer understanding of field marks, plumages, etc.

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