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  1. No worries. No other photos needed... it is 100% Pine Warbler.
  2. I HATE the fact one can not edit a post within only a few minutes of posting it!!!! I wanted to add... As size is hard to get a true reading on in a pic... a White-ringed is the size of a House Finch and the Boat-billed FC and G Kiskadee are Meadowlark size... if you are familiar with those.
  3. I think the OPs bird is actually a Boat-billed FC as well as the bird in the link in the quote above... the linked bird is definitely not a White-ringed IMO. White-Ringeds are much smaller in general and bill size than both the others. I would think a G. Kiskadee would show much more obvious rufous on the wings. I think the bill looks fine for Boat -billed and too large for Kiskadee IMO.
  4. I'd agree with Mallard x Mottled... which unfortunately is being more common in FLA.
  5. Well it has been a looooooong time and many chases over the years, but I finally got a Gyrfalcon(#620)! I wasn't planning on going today due to weather and work(so did not have scope or regular camera)... but got done a bit early. I got some super crappy digi-bin pics of it looking away from me, as it did pretty much the whole 1/2 hour I spent viewing it from my car as the sleet/freezing rain fell in Cape May county, NJ. A few head turns by the bird and the sheer size made ID easy(There is a pic from the original finder floating around showing the size difference with a Peregrine... just amazing. So no postable pic yet, as I won't amuse you with my pics from today... but if it sticks around, I will be going back this weekend when weather is better and will update here if I get a good shot. EDIT to add: This is NOT MY PIC... it is the one I was mentioning from the original finder Dustin Welch showing the size difference. The bird on top is a Peregrine...
  6. Agree with Herring Gull here...probably 2nd cycle. Structure , size and bill would be smaller in Ring-billed.
  7. DC Corms perch nightly on the wires at a local spot here above a canal for the last 25+ years. Numbers vary from 20 to well over 100 depending on the season.
  8. Agree with 2 and 3 being immature White-crowneds...can't view #1.
  9. My wish for you is that is the only E. Starling that finds your feeders.
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