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  1. Me either. I Snow here, but with the difficulty of the pic i can't rule out a hybrid Snow x Ross's.
  2. This is definitely not a full Snow goose. This looks like a good candidate for Snow x Ross's to me. The head shape is not that of a regular Ross's. The grin patch is not large enough for a Snow among other things. The grayish base of the bill is also present on the hybrid.. so hybrid Snow x Ross's gets my vote.
  3. Apologies for delayed response....Birds in molt, especially youngsters going into adult, can look very odd at the various stages until they are near completion.
  4. Hard to be certain but I think the drake above the female in the pic could be a Greater as the head looks more rounded and the bill larger as well to me.
  5. The first set of silhouetted pics are probably Cackling, but I would not call it 100% from just those photos. However, the next pic shows a Cackling with the 2 Canadas.
  6. I think this is just a juvenile drake Northern Pintail molting into adult plumage.
  7. Unfortunately, I don't think there are 20-30 Red-crested Cardinals in Pensacola either.
  8. How did you get my sister to model for the painting? Seriously though....great job!
  9. We need a picture! Don't worry about if it might not be great quality... we might be able to pick up something that seals the ID.
  10. just a guess, but how about possibly a juvenile Slaty Spinetail?
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