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  1. It's a female/juvenile of one of the Weavers. I'd say probably either Southern Masked or Village Weaver.
  2. Yes the second is a Grackle. I think Great-tailed would be more expected there over Boat-tailed as they are more of strictly coastal bird.
  3. Pretty sure that's where I got my Jacana a few years back. boring drive down from San Antonio drive.. but def worth it for a bunch of great birds.
  4. These are still the same Mourning Doves. You should put pics of the same bird in one thread for ID.
  5. Why do you say this? The snake looks better for Black Racer to me... glossier and head same width as body.
  6. Pretty sure Crimson breasted Gonolek(aka Black-headed Gonolek) and Crimson breasted Shrike are the same species...Laniarius atrococcineus
  7. Agree with Red-shouldered Hawk, Tri-colored Heron, and Anhinga.
  8. Yeah... I missed them the first time. I went and edited my response. But based on location and freshwater(given the Wood duck present) I'd say Virginia is probably correct.
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