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  1. Why do you say this? The snake looks better for Black Racer to me... glossier and head same width as body.
  2. Pretty sure Crimson breasted Gonolek(aka Black-headed Gonolek) and Crimson breasted Shrike are the same species...Laniarius atrococcineus
  3. Agree with Red-shouldered Hawk, Tri-colored Heron, and Anhinga.
  4. Yeah... I missed them the first time. I went and edited my response. But based on location and freshwater(given the Wood duck present) I'd say Virginia is probably correct.
  5. Well they are rail chicks.. but I am not sure which since Clapper, King and Virginia chicks look similar as chicks.
  6. Not really all that elusive(especially at low tide)...we see them every time. way out on mudflats, right near the reeds and most recently a group of 2 adults and 4 chicks swimming out in the water. Clappers are definitely the most "out in the open" rails. Talk about the other rail species and that is another story.
  7. Well... i guess there is now a time limit to edit a post. After uploading the pics, I wanted to edit to add the species names... but was not allowed to. They are: 1. Red-backed Shrike 2. Mediterranean Gull(on left) with Black-headed Gulls on right(not lifers) 3. Little Owl 4. Black-winged Stilt 5. Greater Flamingo 6. Little Bustard 7. Citril Finch 8. Eurasian Eagle Owl. I have plenty of others, but maybe I'll post another day. And BTW, I didn't want to do a trip report anyway.(shame all the old TR are gone)
  8. Just some of the 117 lifers on a recent trip to Provence, France... Bonelli's Eagles European Bee Eater Linnet Red-billed Chough White Stork Wood Pigeon Euro Black Vulture Griffon Vulture
  9. From recent trip to Provence France... many others(beautiful part of France)
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