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  1. 1. female Chaffinch 2. looks like a Ferruginous Duck female w/ young.
  2. I could see this as a Ruddy Shelduck... there are populations breeding in the Netherlands. Was this near a body of water?
  3. First is Spotted Eagle Owl and the second is Verreaux's (Giant) Eagle Owl
  4. Yeah my best guess would be juvie White-throated as well.
  5. Red-crested is in Asia and Indonesia from what i can gather...I am thinking Bearded Woodpecker here and appears to be a male.
  6. Pretty sure it is either a Pale Chanting or Dark Chanting Goshawk.
  7. Didn't have reg camera, just iphone... so this is what I got.
  8. Leaving Boston on the Friday before Labor Day will be pure madness once you reach CT, through NYC, and NJ into DE... unless everyone decides not to go to the shore for that weekend! Good Luck. And I am not sure about the NE traffic that would be heading from Boston out to Cape Cod and down through to CT.
  9. Awesome trip report so far... congrats on all the birds. One day I will bird AZ. Maybe I'll have to suggest a business trip there...
  10. Well this turned out to actually be a mostly working trip! Not a whole lot a time for birding... So Mon-Tues in CA, I got the four lifers mentioned above(Cassin's Kingbird, Wrentit, Phainopepla, and CA Towhee). Yes Jimbob... after checking, they were CA Ground Squirrels. Flew to Oahu on Wed... for service call. No birding(no biggie I'd been here before and saw most of the invasive species anyway). Thursday-free day, but I did not feel like making the drive/hike to the North shore or Ka'ena Pt.(again been there, done that)... but did drive around island seeing some other places, but nothing new. Friday- was spent, planning for and island hopping to Molokai for work. Arrived on Molokai at 3:15pm, went to hospital service call and then back to Oahu by 6:30pm.... passed many Gray Francolins(non-lifers) while driving between airport and hospital. While it would've been nice to have a few hours to explore the island,(though nothing special , bird-wise)... I had to be back on Oahu as not many lodging options on Molokai. Sat- want to Makapu'u Beach and trail to try to pull off a few lifers before heading to airport... was successful in getting Red-footed Booby, Sooty Tern, Red-tailed Tropicbird, and Wedge-tailed Shearwater. So while this didn't pan out as I was hoping(work takes priority over birds unfortunately)... I am still happy I managed to get what I got. Maybe next time...
  11. Well... dam I hate changes. Heading to HI on Wed. At least I picked up Wrentit, Phainopepla, Cassin's Kingbird and CA Towhee today. Also Sea Lion, Bull Snake, and a type of squirrel I have yet to even look up. Probably a few more tommorrow, oh well.
  12. I like Pewee here. Structure does not look big enough for OS and there should be dark sides of the" vest" showing.
  13. Ok... but that is what it is. They sometimes have the yellowish wash to them(mostly juvies) .
  14. They are sunning themselves. They do it to get just get full exposure to the suns rays... many doves do this behavior.
  15. Why do you say this? Pretty sure one can not really age this bird. @Mike Tricolor yeah it certainly looks wet and possibly stunned from a window strike and just hanging on...
  16. Check out the eye color of the nightjars... I am thinking Eastern Screech Owl as well.
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