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  1. My take... I like Cooper's from this pic as well. Appears to have long rounded white tipped tail, legs thickness, and head size are good points. And yes the west coast Cooper's can have thicker streaking than typical birds. @cam... if you have any other pics, please post them.
  2. This is Barn Owl. Hawks and owls are common hwy roadkill birds unfortunately... from going after prey on medians and chasing Rock pigeons into underpasses... seen plenty of them on the shoulders but no Barns.
  3. Easy to call immature male Lesser Scaup here... when one knows what they are looking at and not just guessing. Sometimes better not to comment and see the actual ID and learn something.
  4. These 2 are not always that easy to separate without hearing song. Yes there are ways, but even in the hand they sometimes prove difficult with the overlap.
  5. Not a peewee...the more I looked at this pic it a few days back, I was thinking best to leave at Traill's FC as well.
  6. I'd go with Green Heron for the 2nd. Striated is accidental/rare there. Rock Dove seems right for the first bird.
  7. They are usually shown when they are roosting.
  8. I'd say 3-5 are the same bird on the same rock. The lighting is playing tricks on you. I am think they are Glaucous-winged x Western Gulls but the lighting is tough.
  9. If it was definitely bigger than a Killdeer , I would go with Wandering Tattler.
  10. I'm sure the question was for the OP and not you, since they could not ID it from this good of a pic.
  11. Definitely not a Dunlin. Tough pic, but I like Wandering Tattler here. The pic is overexposed so that could add some of the white. Also the size proportiona/posture looks better for Tattler over spotted to me... but that is not always clear to tell from a single pic. So it is either a Wandering Tattler or a Spotted Sandpiper. @PV-John... do you remember the size of this bird? If you are familiar with Killdeer and Dowitchers, they are Tattler size birds. Western and Semipalmated Sandpipers are roughly the same size as Spotted Sandpipers, so there should have been a noticeable size differ
  12. Lake Piru Rec Area is about 1 hr north of LA. I found it while doing some research for condor sites prior to my last business trip out there. Unfortunately I did not make it there as my business plans got rerouted to Hawaii. Here is a link to my info request last year... Jimbob mentions some other LA area locations in his comments. Good luck.
  13. just an FYI..... they seemed to have lowered both Black-headed and Little Gulls to code 2 level. I was unaware as well until i just went through the DEC 2019 list
  14. Did this quite a while ago...but I guess now is good for an update I have pics of many of these somewhere. CODE 3: 11 species- Tufted Duck, A Flamingo, Ruff, C. Greenshank, Curlew Sandpiper, Ivory Gull, Red-tailed Tropicbird, Great Frigatebird, LaSagra's FC, Fork-tailed FC, and Oahu Elepaio CODE 4: 10 species- Pink-footed Goose, Barnacle Goose, Corn Crake, N. Lapwing, N. Jacana, Black-tailed Godwit, Little Egret, Thick-billed Vireo, Western Spindalis, and Bannaquit CODE 5: 1 species- Whiskered Tern
  15. No juvies in Feb. This is a 1st winter plumage Laughing Gull
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