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  1. After 35 years of birding... finally got a Henslow's Sparrow(#626) today!!!!
  2. Thank for the additional info Jimbob and Creeker... unfortunately, this time I did not have much say in what part of CA I wanted to go to. My trip is next week. Not worried about the terns and gulls as I have them all(even Elegant as one showed here up years ago). Well except Yellow-footed, but I'm def won't be going to Salton.Surely I will only see male hummingbirds... so it will be relatively easy! . But I am studying the females though, in case my usual luck pans out. As a bonus, I found that Lake Piru area has chance of Condor which I wasn't even considering as I thought they were further east and north. And hopefully next time I get out there it will be for strictly leisure and will be able to pick the better birding areas. Thanks again to you both.
  3. Holy crap, all it took was an LA request for a long lost forum member to return!(and I didn't even put his name in my post since I haven't seen on in quite a while) Hey Jimbob... thanks for that info. Like I said, plans are certainly fluid and have already changed 3 times. As of now I will have some time in the Ventura area and then probably sometime down by Anaheim, so Bolsa and San Joaquin may be doable(or even somewhere else). Any chance of Williamson's Sapsucker, RB Sapsucker, Lewis's WP, Wrentit... in these areas? Also any spots for a good chance to see Auklets, or seabirds along that coastal stretch?(will certainly be checking this in the Ventura area. However, there has already been a mention of possibly time in Burbank, so maybe Griffith park is worth a stop?(can one bird there, or is it just the observatory and zoo?) And then there is always the chance I may have to re-route things to Oahu... just a bit crazy! Thanks again Jimbob...
  4. Yeah and many of exotics that were considered escapes years ago, have bred over the years and some have fairly robust populations in various locations, but still unfortunately not countable. I know someone down there is putting together some population studies on some of the parrot species that are now established in south Florida, to try and get those species placed on the FL list. As of right now, there are only 4 parrot species considered " countable', although many many more are established and doing very well.
  5. Yes the key word is mostly and shouldn't be only.
  6. When you say it "counted"... what exactly do you mean. Florida is a funny state, there are many escaped exotics there, but not that many are " countable". It needs to be on the offical state list as akiley stated.
  7. @Trevor L. I am curious where you heard this too. I still do not think "countable" in Fla
  8. Last minute business trip to LA(possibly HI, but hopefully not) with a little free time... so not a whole lot of time to plan things. Also never really birded anywhere in CA(but have birded Portland, OR area), so there are many lifer possibilities. I'm at the point where i get what I get and don't want to go all over chasing... however, would like to get as much bang for the buck(lifer wise). So with that said... anyone have first hand recommendations of places in LA county and I guess nearby areas? Are any seabirds/auklets regularly visible from shore?( I won't have time for a pelagic) I will be staying relatively close to LAX I think, but plans are certainly fluid and I will probably go further south or inland on last day or 2 if it pans out. Mostly any CA special birds are the target(about 40 or so) so any suggestions are appreciated. I will have a car so i can drive within reason. Hit me with some good local spots. TIA @Creeker, @guy_incognito and any other CA locals.
  9. Yes. that is the elusive brown morph Eastern Screech. They say morph percentages vary geographically... but for the roughly 30 I've seen over the years, all have been red or gray(but all in the Northeast).
  10. The Western Scrub Jay was split into California and Woodhouse's(separated by range mostly)...see link https://www.audubon.org/news/here-are-biggest-changes-aou-checklist-north-american-birds The Island Scrub Jay remains as such.
  11. If in South Africa... I'd suggest Green Woodhoopoe. The appear black mostly but they have a green iridescence.
  12. Finding non-introduced true native birds in HI is certainly a challenge. On my trip to just Oahu, 29 of my 41 species were introduced at some point. I was glad to get 3 of the difficult(especially on Oahu) endemics, 12 total wild/non-introduced species. Certainly nice to see all the species, but very disheartening when you think of the effect on local species. "Introduced" as applies to some mammal species that devastate some local bird species populations there.
  13. Hey... what do ya know, Merlin was correct this time!
  14. Well even Mods are incorrect sometimes... this is 100% a Hoodie.
  15. ok... it shows as orange on my screen but thought that was a light issue. Even though they can be red, orange or yellow... most common is red . I figure it is diet that is responsible for the difference in individual birds as is the case most times with things like that.
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