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  1. Agree with a Flicker species. If it is routinely drumming on the roof or Sat Dish...it is not all that unheard of at this time of year. They are attracting mates and establishing territories and the louder the drumming the better. You can try to cover the favorite rooftop site with some type of sound dampening material and they may be frustrated and find a different site. Another option is putting a plastic decoy Owl up there to frighten it away.  I've been through this a couple times...good luck.

    Edit to add: I just saw the OP's second post and seems it may not be your residence... guess ear plugs would work then! 



  2. 6 minutes ago, Brett H said:

    Thank you both for you input. @Jefferson Shank, genius idea of brightening the image! I hadn't thought to do that. I lean towards goldeneye over eider because I can't get past the slope of the forehead and shape of the bill. It's a strange combination of ducks of ducks to be deciding between. But I had already seen both species in the general area today, so I can deal with it. I was sort of hoping someone would suggest shelduck!

    Thanks again,


    Problem is it is 100% a Common Eider 


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  3. Definitely not a Dunlin.  Tough pic, but  I like Wandering Tattler here. The pic is overexposed so that could add some of the white. Also the size proportiona/posture looks better for Tattler over spotted to me... but that is not always clear to tell from a single pic.

    So it is either a Wandering Tattler or a Spotted Sandpiper. @PV-John... do you remember the size of this bird? If you are familiar with Killdeer and Dowitchers, they are Tattler size birds. Western and Semipalmated Sandpipers are roughly the same size as Spotted Sandpipers, so there should have been a noticeable size difference(if you are familiar with those species)

  4. Lake Piru Rec Area is about 1 hr north of LA. I found it while doing some research for condor sites prior to my last business trip out there. Unfortunately I did not make it there as my business plans got rerouted to Hawaii.  Here is a link to my info request last year... Jimbob mentions some other LA area locations in his comments. Good luck.

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