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  1. If you decide to go home thru NJ and DE... I will offer some suggestions. While migration will have started by late August... it will not be that great yet. Let us know your final route decision home and if I do not respond, send me a message. I will tell you to avoid I-95 through DC-VA area at all costs... ALWAYS traffic nightmare. If you have the time, I would recommend taking the coastal route from DE via Cheesapeake Bay/Bridge Tunnel(toll) into Norfolk VA area... only if you have the time.
  2. Another option for #2 is...Antillean Siskin
  3. I doubt a positive ID can be made for either... buteo sp for the raptor and bird sp for #2
  4. The bird with the red cap is a very upset Eastern Kingbird. The yellow bird looks good for female Orchard ORIOLE ALSO.
  5. Agree with Hooded Merganser.. either female or 2nd year male.
  6. For your soaring bird... take a look at Juvenile Magnificent Frigatebird. For the smaller bird... possibly Village Weaver?
  7. It is definitely a silhouette of a Heron or Egret.... I'd say looks good for a Great Blue Heron
  8. Dam... guess being up at 4am the past few days, does wonders for my bleary eyes... I took the yellow in the first pic as leaves, but upon closer look, i see it is the bird, so I agree with Nashville... good catch. I can see 6 as a Tenneessee. But the underside of tail look white to me in 7, plus looks like some blackish marking on face/cheek... favors Hooded over Wilson's for me. OP, any other pics of 7?
  9. 1. Swainson's Thrush 2. Tennessee Warbler 3 & 4. Magnolia Warbler 5. Another Tennessee I think. 6. Yes. 7. White undertail looks good for Hooded... female
  10. Great Crested Flycatcher there.
  11. Could be a lot of things.... with some kind of bird being just one of the options.
  12. rsnyder... I would suggest you post all your African bird ID requests over at https://www.birdforum.net/ There are many folks over there that have experience with African/European birds and will help sort you IDs out.
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