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  1. It is a Carolina Wren.... they are known to roost like that. Nothing is wrong with it.
  2. Don't think I can take it any further than Boat-billed FC or Great Kiskadee from this angle/pic alone.
  3. Pass on the first. Others are Red-breasted Mergansers and White-winged Scoter
  4. Yes... agree with Great Egret, Herring Gull and all Tern IDs
  5. This bird appears to be a juvenile bird..feathering on the face as well as a gape. And if I had to guess I'd say Great crested.
  6. All your IDs are correct... except 2b might be a Greater IMO(head looks rounded and bill wide).
  7. No need for other pics... it is clearly a Song Sparrow.
  8. Not sure... but is there a "Welcome back" due here?
  9. All geese look good for Canada to me. The ducks in question look like Black Ducks to me..
  10. Seconded Remember Red-shouldereds in Florida are much lighter...
  11. Hard to hear.... but what I can make out sounds like a Pileated Woodpecker.
  12. First is a immature Red-footed Booby and I agree with Brown for the second one.
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