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  1. Seconded Remember Red-shouldereds in Florida are much lighter...
  2. Hard to hear.... but what I can make out sounds like a Pileated Woodpecker.
  3. First is a immature Red-footed Booby and I agree with Brown for the second one.
  4. Yes, another agreement on Red-shouldered Hawks here.
  5. Mallard x A Black Duck and female Gadwall for me.
  6. yes that is a Dovekie. Not sure whats up with the bill... overgrowth or possible deformity. Dovekies in that close, especially on shore, usually are very ill.
  7. https://ebird.org/map/brnpel?neg=true&env.minX=-74.72675131250003&env.minY=40.29736618707366&env.maxX=-73.23261068750003&env.maxY=41.09594392699658&zh=true&gp=false&ev=Z&mr=on&bmo=11&emo=12&yr=cur&byr=2019&eyr=2019 Not saying anything about this particular bird ID since we do not have much to go on. Just stating that Brown Pelican should not be thrown out based on location alone as there have been many sightings in the general area in NOV/DEC of this year alone and more if you zoom out to include the NJ coast(not that far from Rockaway as the Pelican flies)
  8. First off... there was no date given on the sighting. Secondly while not common... sightings have been increasing late into Nov and Dec . There are quite a few records of flocks of more than one as well, although most are single birds.
  9. The turkey is known as a "smoke" phase turkey. And agree with the leucistic Turkey Vulture.
  10. rephrase for clarity... it can take a full 2 years and into their 3rd year before full adult plumage.
  11. Again it can take anywhere from 2-3 years actually.
  12. Well kind of... today this bird certainly will not look exactly like it does in this pic. It could be at some stage of molting into full adult plumage... so somewhere between the full juvenile and full adult plumage.
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