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  1. Plumage -wise it takes up to 3 years to be in adult plumage. Eye color will go from yellow to an orange stage and the red when full adult in accipiters. Sexual maturity certainly always does not coincide with the plumage stages. So some juvenile plumaged bird(in second year)can still breed although not too many do.
  2. Brig is our local spot. and while Brig is one of the best spots in NJ... there are certainly many other birding locations just as good. Sandy Hook, most Cape May spots, Island Beach State park, etc... all have the great habitat for a mix of shorebirds, landbirds, and seabirds. Have had many a day of 100+ species and some 120+ days at all these locations in migration.
  3. Kediset.... you will get much more feedback, from folks that have traveled to that region, by posting on Birdforum.net. There is a mostly international member base there.
  4. Definitely a Buteo body shape and tail... so definitely not a Falcon or Acippiter.
  5. Yep... dark Red-tailed for me and definitely not a Zone-tailed. .
  6. definitely Swans... however these look smaller then what a Trumpeter would be and I'm pretty sure most likely are Tundras out there. I also do not think you are going to see the yellow on the bill in shots like these.
  7. I like Red-tailed Hawk here. Yes Charlie, while not a regular occurrence, I have seen Red-taileds, Red-shouldereds, and Broad-winged perched on wires.
  8. All are Savannahs.. the third is just not as colorful as the other 2
  9. All Catharus thrushes show those buffy tips on wings in juvenile plumage.
  10. Oh I misread the info... thought it said building strike. I will say this, over the years I have seen quite a few Woodcocks along on the edge of roads and some even in the roads. They do not move until vehicles get so close and I have even seen cars go over a Woodcock in the road only for the bird to get up and walk off after the car had passed over it. Also have seen a mother and babies crossing the road in front of me and as i approached they all just sat down on the road.... camouflage does not work everywhere!
  11. I agree death is natural, but bird strikes into buildings is sort of stretching that definition IMO.
  12. Well, first let me say after 65 views... thanks for the ideas everyone... Anyway, and in case anyone was wondering, on my business(not much birding time) trip I managed 102 species which included 15 lifers. Tried for a nearby Tropical Kingbird 2x in Walnut Creek... but missed both times and was hoping a Prairie Falcon would show in Mt. Diablo State Park... but not in the cards. 1 Clark's Grebe 2. Long-billed Curlew 3. Surfbird (such fat birds) 4. Wandering Tattler 5. Rock Sandpiper 6. Acorn Woodpecker 7. Nuttall's Woodpecker 8. Pygmy Nuthatch 9. Ferruginous Hawk 10. Anna's Hummingbird 11. Allen's Hummingbird 12. Oak Titmouse 13.Golden-crowned Sparrow 14. Rufous-Crowned Sparrow 15. Red-breasted Sapsucker
  13. Those buffy tips are evident on all first year Cathrus thrushes... this is a first year Hermit Thrush.
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