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  1. I was supposed to get email notification but never received notice. The yellow-rumped warblers were too different. The blue-gray head of the bird I saw was very plain, saw no yellow on top. The redstart female and juvenile are really close, it was probably one of those. Never saw the top of the tail, the yellow on the tail would have helped identify it. Don't think the redstart showed up in any of my searches. Thanks for your replies.
  2. Saw a sparrow sized bird May 9, ~11:30 am in an aspen tree in a residential area in Bozeman MT. The bird was flighty and would fly away a short distance and sort of hover then come back and perch, also fly to another branch, never staying in one spot too long. Could have been my presence that was causing that. Saw no nest in the tree, which had no leaves yet. The marks I'm sure of are blue-gray head, and 1 yellow stripe on the wing with dark or gray stripes above and below, which was visible at its side when perched. Other marks I'm less sure of are white belly (not sure of extent), gray or darker back, mostly dark or dark/light underside of wings, average length tail. I want to say it's a warbler but could find no matches. Can anyone identify this bird. First time I've ever seen one like this. Thanks. Jerry
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