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  1. I don't remember, and in the only picture I can't tell if it's black or the brown/green pre molt
  2. I must be a complete newbee, wasn't aware that birds could have such a drastic color change in unless it was the juvi to adult molt. Based on more research with molting color, it looked more like a molting Summer Tanger. Can anyone confirm?
  3. Sorry for the bad photo, this guy went to fly away fast. I was walking today (may) in northern Illinois on a college campus, can't find a look alike for out. Saw it in a wooded area, there's both a lagoon and field in easy flying distance. Bird has a red/ pink head and body is a greenish brown. The red and green splotch together on the breast, very distinct but not symmetrical. Looking back at the picture it looks like it might have a capped head? Any help is appreciated, haven't seen this one before so I probably can't get another picture.
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