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  1. Thank you! I wondered about that one. Can I ask what confirms that ID for you?
  2. I saw this bird in northern Scottsdale Arizona a couple days ago, I think it was bringing food to a nest. Merlin guessed hermit warbler but also says it’s uncommon. It was flying so fast it was difficult to get a good shot. Here are a couple showing the bird and nest as best I can. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. One alive, one not so much. Evanston Illinois near Lake Michigan. Photos below. Also interested in theories as to what might have caused second bird's demise? Also attaching lower quality photo of a bird I keep seeing on my feeder - possibly female cowbird? It's all grey with a longer tail. Thanks!
  4. Oh! The differences between male/female/youth are so interesting! I agree that the Merlin app can be challenging in recognizing those differences. I continue to learn. Thanks so much!
  5. I have three photos. 1 and 3 might be the same bird, and sorry for the poor quality. Based on the Merlin app, the 2nd one seems to be a song sparrow? But it was so much blacker than ones I've seen previously. Thanks for any help! .
  6. Oh, a female - you're right. I've seen the males from time to time. Thank you!
  7. When I searched by size, color, etc, it suggested a juvenile dark-eyed junco, but the head coloring looks different to me. And it looks too big for a sparrow to me. Thanks in advance for your help! ~Ann
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