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  1. Taken yesterday in Western Idaho. I saw my First Ferruginous Hawk at this location 10 yrs ago. I moved away and was traveling back through the area and found this one. It was raining so it was staying low to the nest. Could it be the same bird?
  2. I was in southeast Idaho yesterday and my extended family was telling me they had a young pheasant that was coming into the back yard which they thought was unusual. Then as we were visiting it showed up on the top of the house. I apologize for the bad picture because I only had my phone. I am thinking this is more quail than pheasant and with the feathers on top of the head am favoring a Bobwhite quail over a California quail. It matches very well to the Bobwhite Quail that I raised a few years ago. I am sure it is an escapee as we don't have a lot of native Bobwhite in Idaho
  3. Cooper's vs. Sharp shinned Taken this morning in west SLC UT. During the corona virus vs earthquake morning. The only bad news to go with our news was for the family of the Eurasian Collared Dove.
  4. Taken today island in middle of great salt lake Utah. I believe the first is a MacGillivray's warbler trying to get away and the second a Willet warming itself in the morning sun.
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