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  1. On 2/19/2019 at 9:55 AM, Administrator said:

    FYI update we have been able to modified our free iBird Lite so that you can upgrade it to any of our country databases. If you have purchased iBird Plus or iBird Ultimate and they are on your device, iBird Lite will recognize them and the North American database will be free to download. From then on we will continue to update iBird Lite and its databases and you will not have to pay for it. I apologize for how long its taken us to get this working but it's been very difficult to get all the pieces working together. We hope to launch in the next week, baring any last minute glitches, so I can't guarantee this right now. 

    We will also be updating iBird Plus, Pro and Ultimate so they will have the latest databases and IAP features, so that you can continue to use them. But per Apple's rules Plus and Ultimate will be frozen and not updated in the future. Again iBird Lite will be your solution to free updates in the future. You'll even be able to change its icon.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience.

    Perhaps you can explain iBird Pro’s family sharing. I have it installed on 3 machines: my iPhone, my iPad, my wife’s iPhone and her iPad. The app works on all 4 but the in-app purchases only work on my iPhone. Restore purchases doesn’t work on any of the other units.

    I purchased the apps on my iPad (after I had purchased them on my iPhone) and they now work there. I tried to purchase them on my wife’s iPhone and was told to purchase the app (iBird Pro) first. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no change  

    Obviously, I’m not pleased to have to make additional in-app purchases. I’m even less impressed by being told to purchase a family-shared app to be able to purchase, once again, the in-app items. As a long-term patron of the iBird products, I find these issues to be either a glitch that can be fixed or a way to force additional app purchases under the guise of family sharing. I hope it’s the former. 

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