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  1. Indeed. Molting out of their breeding plumage. (All are Sanderlings)
  2. I'm going to go with Pacific-Slope Flycatcher here, on the basis of that thick teardrop eyering, overall shape, time of year, and bill size. Also, neither Hammond's nor Gray Flycatchers have been reported in July in Santa Barbara.
  3. How has everyone been recently? ?. Haven't been on here in a while but checked just for old times sake. Glad to see some new faces.
  4. It's been a while since I've visited the site. How's everyone?
  5. https://crazed4birds.weebly.com/birding/camp-chiricahua-day-8
  6. https://crazed4birds.weebly.com/birding/camp-chiricahua-day-7-travel-day-2
  7. https://crazed4birds.weebly.com/birding/camp-chiricahua-day-6-the-chiricahuas
  8. https://crazed4birds.weebly.com/birding/camp-chiricahua-day-5-stateline-road
  9. https://crazed4birds.weebly.com/birding/camp-chiricahua-day-4-cave-creek
  10. https://crazed4birds.weebly.com/birding/camp-chiricahua-day-3-travel-day
  11. I'm going to agree on young/short-billed Curve-billed Thrasher. The bill feels too curved for Bendire's to me, and the smudgy breast both say CBTH. I also know that CBTH are quite common in Pueblo, whereas Bendire's has never been seen that far northeast.
  12. Probably rufous given location but like @akiley said it's impossible to get a definitive ID without the tail
  13. psure thats what whatbird has been reduced to
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