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  1. I should work on my Chiri trip report... Speaking of which, registration for summer 2020 (yes, not a typo, 2020), opens in mid-October. I highly recommend the camp, lotsa good birds (I had around 30 lifers and I'm from the West Coast).
  2. Buena Vista Marsh blinds (in Wisconsin) in April, the site of a Prairie Chicken lek. You have to book in advance, and it starts really early in the morning (be there ~5:15 if I remember correctly). Offers great photos, as well as glimpses at Sandhill Cranes and Short-eared Owls.
  3. Yes, plenty of them. https://www.aba.org/young-birder-camps/ http://www.ventbird.com/birding-tour/2018/07/27/camp-cascades http://www.ventbird.com/birding-tour/2018/07/11/camp-chiricahua http://hogisland.audubon.org/bird-studies-teens http://hogisland.audubon.org/programs/mountains-sea-birding-teens http://hogisland.audubon.org/programs/teen-week-costa-rica
  4. It's the young birder camp in Southeast Arizona that you have to sign up for literally 1.75 years ahead of time
  5. Camp Chiricahua starts tomorrow for me 😉
  6. update: this bad boy got explored!
  7. Semi-landscape: West Maui Rainbow by Drew Beamer, on Flickr
  8. good question, haven't been out this month. going to chiri in a week tho sooooooo
  9. r.i.p. whatbird anyway, have spent the last week in Hawaii (maui), featuring lifer Hawaiian Petrel soo pretty happy.
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