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  1. I love Boston Terriers too! ...and birds...
  2. This funny little guy was running around our car at Toadstool Geological Park in Nebraska this past week. I have some poor guesses but no clue! Only managed to get this quick video. https://photos.app.goo.gl/mJ7hJsakH7P3AubA8
  3. Thanks! The masses were surely there- at first it looked like muddy banks or sandbars but it was all birds. I have never seen so many together like that.
  4. Seen at Bombay Hook refuge in Delaware along the bay. Noted avocets, dowitchers, and egrets certainly although I'm not sure what else is there especially the brownish/white smaller ones in the front group.
  5. Cool so where’s the Merlin nest? Right near the 4ft Phoebee’s house?
  6. This lovely hummer was humming on the zinnias this morning in Chester County, PA. Is it a ruby-throated perhaps? Or still young? https://flic.kr/p/LY2KvW
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