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  1. Thanks for the white in the wingpits tip!
  2. The one legged bird to the left of the second photo looks to have a white ring on the base of its neck - so that may be a cackling goose. The experts here may know more than me though 🙂
  3. I saw this very large raptor flying over a large grassy/sagebrush field in Lincoln County Washington, and I'm wondering if it could be a Golden Eagle?
  4. Saw these two large birds perched in the same tree, in Lincoln County Washington today. I'm really not sure what they are and hope someone can help.
  5. Wow, I was way off. That makes more sense than a turkey vulture, lol
  6. Saw this bird circling in the sky in Davenport WA today.
  7. Thank you, that was my first thought. - Just wanted to be sure.
  8. I saw this bird today in Lincoln County Wa - Hope someone here can help ID
  9. I'm pretty new to this, could you please tell me how you know?
  10. Do they fly in flocks? There were 14 of them
  11. I'm terrible at bird calls - but I did do a search while I was there and thought it sounded similar to a common redpoll. But unless a bird has a very distinctive call I just can't be sure.
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