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  1. I'm having trouble identifying this bird I saw today in a dusty dry sage brush area in Lincoln Co. WA. I hope someone here can help
  2. I saw this hawk today in Davenport, WA (Lincoln County) And could use some help to identify it. Thank you.
  3. I saw this hawk today in Lincoln County WA and I am hoping someone here can help with ID.
  4. I saw this bird in Lincoln County, Washington. I thought the eyering looked teardrop shaped, possibly a Pacific Slope Flycatcher?
  5. Thank you for the help. I was considering it my be a Savannah. Still learning!
  6. I saw these birds in Davenport, WA today. The flycatcher was perched and slowly pumping its tail before swooping to the ground to catch an insect. I believe it fits for a Gray Flycatcher and hoping someone here can confirm. The other bird I think is a Vesper Sparrow, but just wanted confirmation.
  7. I'm sorry for the poor quality photos, but am hopeful someone here will recognize the silhouette to help me identify this bird. It was circling and swooping at a Bald Eagle perched atop a pine tree in Davenport WA.
  8. I thought it looked too yellow to be a Pewee, and no crest
  9. I saw this flycatcher today in Davenport, WA (Lincoln County) I'm hoping someone here can help me identify it.
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