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  1. Thank you! How did you determine that they are juvenile?
  2. Spotted these flycatchers in a dry canyon in Davenport WA. Hope someone can help me identify them.
  3. Thank you for all the information to help identify these sparrows.
  4. I thought Olive-sided because it was perched on a high limb in a conspicuous manner. The sparrow I thought perhaps a Savannah because I thought it had a bit of a yellow eyebrow.
  5. I saw both these birds in Lincoln County, Wa. One I believe is an olive sided flycatcher but would like confirmation. The other I'm more perplexed - perhaps a sparrow??
  6. Thank you. I'm trying to get better as bird ID -- How did you identify it?
  7. I spotted this bird in a canyon in Lincoln County, Wa. I'm hoping someone here can help me identify it.
  8. I thought this could possibly be a Cassin's finch, but I have difficulty identifying the female/immatures. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. It was about 30ft up in a tree in Harrington, WA in Lincoln County.
  9. Thank you all for your help! You are all the best.
  10. Saw several of these birds on a wire in dryland wheat country. To my novice eye they look like juvenile cliff swallows, but would love an expert opinion
  11. Thank you for the help. Makes sense since the lake was filled with coots. Just hadn't seen a juvenile before.
  12. I never heard of a piebald, that would explain why I couldn't ID it with my reference tools.
  13. I saw this bird at Reardan Audubon Lake in Lincoln Co. Wa and I hope someone here can help me to identify it.
  14. Well, after reviewing pictures of both the Gray Partridge and the Roughed Grouse, I'd have to the color of the bird was more like the Roughed Grouse. Thank you both for your help. Hopefully I'll get another look at it now armed with info to guide me to a clear ID. Thank you for helping out a rookie, you all are the best!!
  15. Ahh, thanks I've been stuck on that stripe that may not have been a stripe at all! And I have seen Gray Partridge here in the past.
  16. I couldn't find a picture of either of those with an orange tipped tail.
  17. I may be asking for a miracle here, but after an exhausting search scouring bird id books and apps, I thought I'd give it a shot. In the past week I've have twice seen this bird in a canyon in Lincoln Co. WA. My first impression was that it looked like a small chicken. It was a rich reddish brown color and its tail fanned out in flight revealing an orange stripe tip. It was larger than a quail but smaller than a pheasant, and it flew like one - taking off and gliding down into the tall dry grasses. Does this ring a bell to anyone out there??
  18. Ahh, I see what you're saying. The head shape and that light patch on the face threw me off - guess I was paying attention to the wrong details.
  19. Despite my best rookie effort I can't figure out this bird, I hope someone here can help.
  20. I could use some help identifying this brown and white speckle breasted bird I saw in a canyon in Lincoln Co. Wa.
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