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  1. Could this be a chipping sparrow? I didn't think they were this grey.
  2. Thank you, I didn't realize Redheads were nest parasites. You inspired me to look it up, and I found that some females will also incubate their eggs.
  3. I need help identifying a female duck and her ducklings as well as the other duck in the top of the photo. I thought perhaps the female is a redhead and the other duck pictured is possibly a bufflehead? These were seen in Wilbur Wa located in Lincoln co.
  4. I hadn't considered starling. But I did see one starling this morning, first one of the season.
  5. I need help identifying what looks to me like a recently fledged bird here in Lincoln Co. Wa. We have brewers, red wing, brown headed cow birds in the area and I'm wondering if it could be one of those birds.
  6. I should have said could it be a Wilson's, because it reminded me of a female Wilson's Warbler. I'm relatively new to this and trying to learn more.
  7. I don't know, could be a rough legged hawk
  8. Thank you. I did see some male brown headed cow birds in the area.
  9. Saw this in Lincoln Co. WA. at Reardan Audubon Lake.
  10. Thank you. Could you please tell me what characteristics you look for to confirm that it's a juvenile? I'm new to this and still trying to figure out how to better identify birds.
  11. I saw two birds near each other that may or may not be the same species. One flew off immediately and I was able to get a fuzzy picture of it in flight. The other stayed on a fence post. Large in size, orange feet, brown and white coloring. Located in Lincoln Co., WA. Sorry for the poor image quality. I did see a bald eagle nearby, I'm wondering if this could be a juvenile bald eagle?
  12. Thank you. I have been struggling to get a photo of it. It's nice to finally get confirmation. You all are the best!
  13. This bird is constantly on the move in this tree, making it difficult for a novice like me to get a good photo. It is small, with a yellowish breast and I would best describe it as having a light olive back. The tree is located in dryland wheat country in a rural area in Lincoln county, WA. It has been showing up in the morning hours for the past couple of weeks. My best guess is possibly a Wilson's Warbler, but I'm not sure if its behaviors match. I hope you can help even with this poor photo.
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