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  1. I am familiar with most birds in Texas but this one has me stumped. It was fall, late afternoon. Near the Trinity River. Large raptor more of a uniformed heather/light gray in appearance. Thick and powerfully built but with an impressive wingspan. I've seen herons and buzzards all my life, I know 5-6+ wingspans. This bird had them beat. It came out of nowhere and maneuvered between me and a home, near a 6 foot window and 7 foot door, wings span and was easily closer to 8 feet. i saw it at a distance of maybe 12 feet from me. I was maybe 20 feet from the window. I saw it for maybe 2-3 seconds and then disappeared through the trees. I was in awe and then thought of the eagles throwing goats from the cliffs. I used to do ornithological impact studies for wind turbine placement and am familiar with pretty much every bird here in Texas. I have identified it as a raptor. Obviously due to wing shape, size, flight pattern/undulation, speed, and agility. Just not sure which one, though. I have ruled out other large birds. I know cranes, egrets, waterfowl, owls, osprey, vultures, caracara. Falcons and most hawks are too small. This thing was easily twice the size as the largest hawks I've seen. I'm leaning towards an eagle just due to mass, but the plumage has me confused... Thoughts...
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