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  1. My neighbor a few houses down gets bluebirds in his bluebird house every year. Even though I have a bluebird house, put out mealworms and have bird baths they never take to mine. I was talking my neighbor two weeks ago and he told me he had 5 babies in the house but after a couple of days they were all dead and the bluebirds were no where around. They tried going in my birdhouse but the sparrows kept kicking them out so they ended up going to another neighbors bird house. The are very close to our backyard and are around the majority of the day. I checked the box and there are some eggs! The funniest thing is my neighbor put that box up 15 years ago and NOT one bird as ever lived in it.
  2. I'm new here and wanted to share my bird experiences from the last few weeks. Two weeks ago on a Saturday evening I put the hummingbird and oriole feeders. I cut several oranges in half and put them out with grape jelly. The next morning I woke up to the sound of a male Baltimore Oriole at the feeder. Not long after some females arrived. After about three days I stopped counting the number orioles I had in our backyard. They eat up the grape jelly and oranges in a few days and so I make sure to keep the feeders full. The last week I noticed purple finches and gray catbirds going to the oriole feeder as well. The funniest thing I noticed are the orioles avoid the orange skins at all cost and eat around them. I hope to post some better images soon but they absolutely love this feeder.
  3. I live near Kalamazoo, Michigan and for the few years I've gotten Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks at my feeders and they usually stay around for a week. A male and two females were around for may be two weeks and I haven't seen them at the feeders since last week.
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