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  1. Thank you for your assistance! Happy Birding!
  2. May 13, 2020 - Jim Wells County, South Texas Photo Sleuth said this was an Orchard Oriole with 95% confidence and 3% it was a Hooded Oriole. I have had many visiting Orioles, but not an Orchard. However, I have had quite a few Hooded Orioles. Can anyone help me with this one? Immature Male Orchard or Hooded Oriole Thank You, and Happy Birding!
  3. Can anyone help me identify this bird? Buda, Texas today. Sorry for the lousy photo. He has taken up residence in the owl house. Thank you!
  4. Can anyone help me identify this little yellow bird, please? Jim Wells County, South Texas today. However, I’ve seen him flitting about in the late afternoon the last few days. Thank you in advance!
  5. Today, Saturday, March 14, in Jim Wells County, South Texas. I thought this was a Common Ground-Dove, but then perhaps a Ruddy Ground-Dove. Your Thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you, and Happy Birding!
  6. Could anyone help with the type of Warbler I have here? The photo was taken today, Wednesday, March 11, in Hays County, Texas. Thank you and Happy Birding!
  7. Jim Wells County, South Texas, today. Can anyone help with identifying this youngster, please? Thank you! Happy Birding to All!
  8. Jim Wells County, South Texas, October 27, 2019. They were not the same bird, but perhaps the same species? Maybe Orange-crowned or Tennessee Warbler or Verdin??? The one on the weed, was just hanging out. Two photos of the other - it was enjoying the Turks Caps. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  9. Date: May 15, 2019 Location: Jim Wells County, South Texas Thank you for any assistance in identification.
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