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  1. Is this a golden crowned sparrow or a white throated one?
  2. Near Tampa. The 2 eaglets had gone for a flight and parents were not around. This non-family eagle flew near the nest. That brought both parents back to the nest where they remained vigilent for 20 minutes before leaving the nest area to go about their business.
  3. How can I tell from this aangle whwether it is a golden or baalck-bellied plover?
  4. My mistake on the pix. I was editing it in a program that lets me know underexposed areas by highlighting them in dark blue. I then made a screenshot whih is what I posted here - so those dark blue areas showed up.
  5. West coast of Florida I know it is not a piping or a wilson's
  6. Thanks for the replies. So it seems this is a something the bird does to itself. I wonder if the stain is permanent once it occurs. Allan
  7. Most of the adult sandhill cranes i see have grey bodies but sometimes I see one like this. Is this a juvenile?
  8. I was watching this owl's nest neat St Petersburg. On a recent evening the owlet pulled this up from the nest and ate it. Any idea what it might be?
  9. Thanks. The plumage is scruffy so I was not sure.
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