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  1. Would this be a second year or one born 3-4 months ago?
  2. or something else pond in Massachusetts this morning.
  3. Thanks a bunch. I will let my friend know.
  4. A friend in Kentucky wanted my help on this one but I can't give him an answer. Ideas?
  5. I think this guy (same bird in both pix) is a yellow-crowned hight heron by its neck length but just want to know what others think. New England Swamp
  6. I saw this one in a New England swamp yesterday.
  7. This is the only image and I don't see tail feathers well.
  8. I ask because if looks a bit different than others in the area - St Pete FL.
  9. I photographed several piping plovers this morning on the west coast of Florida. They all had bright orange legs. This one did not. Is it piping plover or another type I don't see at home in New England
  10. Thanks for the confirmation. I do notice the lack of a hind toe now.
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