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  1. Can you tell me what warbler this is? Massachusetts - September 21.
  2. Massachusetts coast - there were some least tern adults in the area.
  3. Thank you very much. I thought it was one of those but wasn't sure. Thanks for the tips on bill and feet.
  4. I want to say so but it looks a bit off to me. Gulf coast of Florida
  5. Red-brested merganser, right? West coast of Florida
  6. This little bird was in a group of Wilson's plovers and dunlin - smaller than the Wilson's and dunlins.
  7. Here are two birds I saw this morning on the west coast of Florida. 1. Is this a Wilson's plover? 2. Is this a short-billed dowitcher?
  8. Thanks a bunch - Kevin, Birding Boy, and Pigeon
  9. I think this is a female hooded merganser but am not 100% sure. I think that because of the black on her back which I don't think common or red-breasted have. Am I correct?
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