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  1. The first one was taken at Devils Canyon in Montana and the second one was in The Grand Tetons in Wyoming.
  2. Idk how many people remember me from before the server reset but decided to drop in and see what's going on. This is Not from today or recently at all but from my trip out West that I don't remember if I ever shared with everybody or not. Untitled by Easton Hamer, on Flickr Untitled by Easton Hamer, on Flickr
  3. Been a while but my boxes are still up and running!! I believe I have 3 clutches coming soon.
  4. Man sad to see everybody leave and the downfall of the best chat on Whatbird.
  5. Not gonna lie was really sad when i went to log in to check in with everybody and see that everything is gone. Not sure if anybody is still active that remembers me or know who i am or not ??
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