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  1. Guess I lean towards the Coopers also because in that blog (wing tips), it suggest the head is flatter and more angular towards the back, which this one seems to be (though in the image, it's stretching out a big which may influence the back of the head shape).
  2. Thanks for the replies. I was reading that this particular hawk is one of the more difficult to distinguish between the Cooper's and the Sharp Shinned and that size could play a part in telling the two apart. Since the image doesn't provide much in the way of reference, I would say this hawk was probably no more than 14-16" tall, suggesting the Sharp Shinned, and yet the article goes onto say, "Except if it's a small 'female' which might then suggest a Cooper's hawk," (doh). Dang! 😏
  3. I can't see to identify this bird. At first I thought maybe a Prairie Falcon (near Colorado Springs, CO) but then it doesn't have the streaks coming from the eyes as the Prairie Falcon does. And if it's the same one I keep seeing, I was hesitant to think it's a juvenile. Many of the other similar birds in either the hawk or falcon designation, always seem to have some significant visible feature that this was doesn't have (yellow-ish beak or around the eyes, more dotted chest marks rather than streaks etc.). Anyone have a notion? Thanks!
  4. Wow, thanks! Sure looks like it. Wonder why that was not coming up in the Whatbird search results?
  5. This is in South Central Colorado Rockies (6100 ft elevation). I can't seem to use the Whatbird filters to hone in on the type. By the time I get the size and bill shape in, there are few choices left in the ID section. It's definitely an insect catcher type, looking for bugs on or along the wall. Flutters around and can hover some, to catch flying insects. The wall may be exaggerating the orange/rufus belly. Oddly the search section keeps taking me to a Bell's Vireo, but that doesn't seem likely. Thoughts?
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