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  1. I listened to the red-winged blackbird song and it’s similar, but not exactly what I heard. This bird the first two notes were very distinct, separate and more musical.
  2. I saw a bird larger than a robin, but smaller than a crow perched vertically at the top of a tree which had upright branches. It did not perch like a woodpecker. The bird had a fan-shaped tail. I could not seethe head nor wings. The bird was in the shadows, but was dark and I could see no other markings. The song was Tweet-tweet-shrill and repeated after a short wait. Another of the same bird nearby responded and they traded calls for may be 2 minutes until the bird flew off. I saw a similar bird the next day, same time early evening, not yet sunset, same tree, same song/call. I have never seen nor heard this bird before, nor again, since then. I have listened to bird songs on the SongSearch app and Audobon web pages, with no luck. Thank you, MDawn
  3. Is there something I need to do differently to attach the picture to make it viewable to everyone? Also, the co-worker who saw this bird said the male goes into the bird house while the female sits on the birdhouse perch. Is this common behavior? They seem to be building a nest in the birdhouse.
  4. Small yellow bird with brown wings, and head. Dark eyes no rings. Short curved beak. Seen in a wooded area of backyard in northern Illinois.
  5. Would your answer change if I said the bird was iridescent blue and a white front? I was given wrong information by the person who took the picture. Thank you for your quick response! MDawn
  6. A co-worker had this bird visit a bird house he recently made and posted in his yard. I have never seen this bird before and have not been able to identify it. He said it was a bit smaller than a robin. I'm attaching a picture. This is in northern Illinois and he saw this on Saturday, May 18, 2019. Thanks, MDawn
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