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  1. West Tennessee this am. Apologize for image quality and view. YR Warblers and Parulas in proximity. Thanks.
  2. West Tennessee this am. Sex necessarily important, but of interest. Thanks
  3. West Tennessee lake yesterday. Seems to check all the boxes for Greater. Thanks.
  4. Solitary duck in West Tennessee yesterday. Can anything be said of this duck other than "hybrid". Thanks.
  5. The following images borrowed ( with permission ) from a fellow birder. Both from West Tennessee. The first from Sept. of this year, the second from a few days past. The conundrum : Am. Black Duck vs hybrid vs Mallard eclipse plumage. Female Am. Black Duck in second image ? All thoughts welcome. Thanks in advance for the assist.
  6. HRH, thanks for the link. N. Pintails not unusual aroud here, but flight formation my first. Initially assumed the omnipresent geese.
  7. West Tennessee. Thinking pintails on wing, but if so, didn't realize they flew in stuctured formation. Thanks.
  8. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. OC Warbler a possibility ? Apologize for images. Thanks.
  9. West Tennessee this am. Thinking Common Loon. Not the usual fare in this neck of the woods. Thanks.
  10. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. Thanks
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