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  1. West Tennessee this am. Large flock of Laplands with this buff-breasted individual. Smith's ?
  2. Shelby County ( Memphis ). Obviously, this is an immature bird. The possibility of a light phase Harlan's crossed my mind.
  3. Definitely not a Canada goose. Very familiar with that species which is abundant here. Shorebird of some sort.
  4. Posting for a friend. West Tennessee this past weekend. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. A relative rarity here. Look forward to hosting you on your next sojourn westward.
  6. Thanks to all. Just now getting reacquainted with our sparrow friends.
  7. I believe this to be a Chestnut-sided Warbler. However, it appears to be a female in breeding plumage. Is that a possibility now that we are into October ? Thanks.
  8. Observer / photographer indicated both eyes exhibited symmetrical ( white ) appearance.
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