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  1. Confirmed as a Ringed Teal. An escapee or dumped at large urban lake.
  2. Small duck. West Tennessee yesterday. Posted for a friend.
  3. West Tennessee yesterday. Although not an ID inquiry, interested in “growth” above eye, symmetrical bilaterally. Ticks ? Parasite ?Thanks.
  4. West Tennessee this am. No experience with this species, but understand there are East and West subspecies. Both present here, or only East subspecies ? No vocals. Thanks
  5. West Tennessee this am. Large number of Yellowlegs in proximity, but dark legs and white eyebrow appear distinct. No vocals. Thanks.
  6. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. Thanks.
  7. West Tennessee this am. Mixed flock of sparrows including Song and Savannah. No vocals Stronger facial pattern and auricular patch than I am accustomed to seeing on local Savannahs.
  8. Confusing my reds and raspberries ! Thanks to all.
  9. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. Thanks
  10. West Tennessee yesterday. One gull appears larger than others. Posture ? Alternate species ? Thanks.
  11. Yesterday, west Tennessee. Sequence ( 1st image ) ? 1. Ross’s 2. Ross’s 3. Juvenile Blue Morph Snow 4. Snow Thanks.
  12. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. Thanks.
  13. Thanks. Interesting in that this RSHA, prior to this recent snow/freeze, has shown very little interest in bird prey, and has been consuming rodents and earthworms. The feeder birds have ignored him/her when present, unlike their behavior when the COHA is around, when they vanish for an extended interval. Apparently the freeze has necessitated a change in diet. I appreciate the insights.
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