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  1. West Tennessee yesterday. RSHA or RTHA ? Adult vs Immature ? The rear view always a challenge for me. ID and hints re: this backside perspective welcome. Thanks.
  2. West Tennessee this am. Small duck, front. Blue-winged Teal possibly ? Thanks
  3. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. Thanks.
  4. West Tennessee this am. I apologize for the image.
  5. Thanks guys. Always informative, fleshing out the apparent. Great web site and participants.
  6. West Tennessee this am. Thinking Song Sparrow, but hoping American Tree Sparrow. Suggestion of bicolor bill. Chest streaking would seem to rule out ATSP. Thanks.
  7. Can one assume Ross’s here, based on relative size alone ? Thanks.
  8. West Tennessee this am. Late date, if so. Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving.
  9. BB, thanks. ‘Hybrid”, historically, seems to be default position with this species, as it is rare in this neck of the woods.
  10. Avery, thanks, but the implication regarding this duck is................what ?
  11. West Tennessee this am. Always turns out to be a hybrid, but what the hey. Thanks.
  12. West Tennessee this am. Thinking Sharp-shinned based on dark crown extension onto nape. Thanks.
  13. West Tennessee this am. Left, thinking LB or SB Dowitcher. Right, Stilt Sandpiper ? Thanks
  14. West Tennessee this am. First image, thinking Dunlin foreground and Stilt Sandpiper in rear. Second image, thinking Stilt Sandpiper. Thanks
  15. West Tennessee, not the Scoter center of the world. Several ID’s, thanks.
  16. West Tennessee this am. If so, late date. Thanks.
  17. West Tennessee today. Pictured are what we believe to be a recurring ( 3 yrs ) Harlan’s dark morph Hawk, and what appears to be light morph variant, perhaps a Krider’s. I claim no expertise. Thanks for any insights.
  18. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. Thinking House. Thanks.
  19. West Tennessee this am. Early light, misting rain. Plumage coloration perceived as white. Lots of waterfowl and shorebirds in proximity. Thanks.
  20. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. Thinking immature Red-Shouldered. Thanks.
  21. Need help with 2 shorebirds. Yesterday. No vocals. Thanks.
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