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  1. Thanks to all. Was expecting Peregrine hunting shorebirds when observed. Poor photo of same bird with prey (peep).
  2. West Tennessee this am. Immature ? Thanks
  3. West Tennessee this am. Any thoughts other than simply an Empid ? No vocals. Thanks.
  4. West Tennessee this am. Apologies for photo quality. Thinking immature or female Chestnut-sided Warbler. Thanks.
  5. My bad. Common Yellowthroat intended.
  6. West Tennessee this am. Thinking Yellow or Yellow-throated. No vocals. Thanks
  7. West Tennessee this am. Both photos of same bird. Tail bobbing not prominently displayed. Not familiar with dark, asymmetric shoulder coloration. Thanks.
  8. West Tennessee this am. Juveniles ?
  9. Thinking White-rumped SP. West Tennessee this am. Thanks.
  10. Concentrated group of shorebirds this am in North Mississippi. Assumed they were all Semipalmated SP's. Looking at photos, not sure. Thanks.
  11. OS Flycatcher or EW Pewee ? North Mississippi this am. No vocals. Thanks.
  12. Thanks BN and CC. Was hoping for something more exotic !
  13. West Tennessee today. No vocals.
  14. West Tennessee this am. No vocals.
  15. West Tennessee this am. Similar post yesterday, different locale and bird. No vocals. Thanks.
  16. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. Thanks.
  17. CC, thanks, as I don't have the expertise. Additional photos of what I believe to be the same bird.
  18. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. Thanks.
  19. Female Summer or Scarlet Tanager ? West Tennessee this am. Thanks.
  20. T. L., you broke the code. Reference article very helpful, although molt nomenclature often gives me a headache. Explains why this first spring male, with protraction of plumage transition, looks in part, like a female, white hood patch not withstanding. Many thanks.
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