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  1. West Tennessee, not the Scoter center of the world. Several ID’s, thanks.
  2. West Tennessee this am. If so, late date. Thanks.
  3. West Tennessee today. Pictured are what we believe to be a recurring ( 3 yrs ) Harlan’s dark morph Hawk, and what appears to be light morph variant, perhaps a Krider’s. I claim no expertise. Thanks for any insights.
  4. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. Thinking House. Thanks.
  5. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. Thanks.
  6. West Tennessee this am. Early light, misting rain. Plumage coloration perceived as white. Lots of waterfowl and shorebirds in proximity. Thanks.
  7. West Tennessee this am. No vocals. Thinking immature Red-Shouldered. Thanks.
  8. Need help with 2 shorebirds. Yesterday. No vocals. Thanks.
  9. West Tennessee this am. Somewhat confused by prominent streaking on flank. Thanks
  10. West Tennessee today. Originally thought this to be a Western SP, then noted yellow green legs on image. Thanks.
  11. Thanks to all. Was expecting Peregrine hunting shorebirds when observed. Poor photo of same bird with prey (peep).
  12. West Tennessee this am. Immature ? Thanks
  13. West Tennessee this am. Any thoughts other than simply an Empid ? No vocals. Thanks.
  14. West Tennessee this am. Apologies for photo quality. Thinking immature or female Chestnut-sided Warbler. Thanks.
  15. My bad. Common Yellowthroat intended.
  16. West Tennessee this am. Thinking Yellow or Yellow-throated. No vocals. Thanks
  17. West Tennessee this am. Both photos of same bird. Tail bobbing not prominently displayed. Not familiar with dark, asymmetric shoulder coloration. Thanks.
  18. Thinking White-rumped SP. West Tennessee this am. Thanks.
  19. Concentrated group of shorebirds this am in North Mississippi. Assumed they were all Semipalmated SP's. Looking at photos, not sure. Thanks.
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