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  1. THanks for additional information. Yes - couldn't quite tell what it was chasing - probably small insects. I also saw a similar bird with a yellow patch on its back of nape.
  2. Thank you for additional information. The shorter bill confused me- like you say mots sandpipers seem to have black bills.
  3. SUPER!! Fantastic find for me! Thank everybody for such quick ID. Very impressive responses. This will complete my request!
  4. This small bird - raced around both Spruce trees and on the ground as it hopped for seeds or food. About 5-7 inches - some looked more gray but the detail shot shows color as well. Found in Tetons (Jackson, Wyoming) May 31st, 2022. See Images below. One image shows detailed and fully exposed - the alternate shows how it looks gray from a distance?
  5. Found in Tetons (Jackson, Wyoming) along stream. May 31st, 2022. Sunny morning. Thought either a spotted or western sandpiper - the yellow bill thew me. See attached image.
  6. Thank you - funny when I took the image I thought about a Phoebe. Then I got hooked on the flycatcher. I agree to your answer. How do I close out converstaion so I don't get flooded by more answers?
  7. -I thought flycatcher but not sure what type? Photo supplied. It was small -sitting on iron bridge rail, with brush and marsh type water nearby. Found on May 16, 2022 near Bondurant Iowa in Chataqua Reserve. My usual thought is a Great Flycatcher - which I thought larger and has yellowish bottom.
  8. Sounds good - thanks for all your help. Usually I can identify but when it comes to some of these shorebirds they start to look alike. There were Killdeer and Yellow Crested Night Herons in the same corner of the marsh! It was a good day photographing!
  9. Thanks - shore bird can be tricky - I will accept your dowitcher analysis! Do I need to close this somehow or it just sits open?
  10. Avery, Benjamin & Tony - Thank You for your input - I know there are light and dark versions of the Swainson's but the more I looked at it I started thinking Golden and after reading an article about where I went fly fishing it indicated Goldens were in that area.. I live in Iowa and here a rare Golden up north along the Mississippi may appear every now and then ...so often people here see immature Baldies and think they are goldens. My problem was most images of a Golden show front side or flying - I and I knew it wasn't an immature baldie. I appreciate your ID - Is there anything I need to close the conversation other than Thanks again?
  11. I first identified this as a Swainsons Hawk but people tell me it might be a Golden Eagle. Found: September 1, 2020 Wyoming, about 10 miles north of Meeteetse headed toward the upper Greybull River. Time was morning about 9 am. Photo attached - It flew off before I could get a frontal view. Would like to get a better ID
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