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  1. The Purple Finch always flags rare, because they don't always make it this far south, and are sparse when they do. However, I see at least a couple each Winter.
  2. That's too hard to choose!! Both taken at my house. The one with the mouse was right by my blind and water feature :)
  3. My best shot, isn't my favorite shot First shot, probably the best, second shot is my fav. That wasn't even the whole rafter. I just happened upon them while birding back roads in Texas. Interestingly, both pictures were taken on Jan 26, one in 2018 and the other in 2019.
  4. Well, I know I've seen a lot of them, but apparently, I've never gotten a really good photo
  5. Just found these guys last week 5/31...Momma and one of her fledglings
  6. I guess this I like this one best, because I like the full feather spread.
  7. I wondered about that, but I still had it marked as RTHA. Well, I'll just have to pic another one :) Thanks!!
  8. Hard to choose, but I'll just go with the Krider's, because it's special :)
  9. I didn't think I was even going to have a picture of one, but I dug one up from my inventory pics. No other reason to take a pic of one. Funny story... Before I started birding, I took pics of birds every once in a while, when they caught my attention. When I was in Scotland, I took one picture of a bird, and guess what it was? A House Sparrow, of course, on top of the house I was staying at It's so blurry, it's not worth sharing, but at least it was where it was supposed to be...across the pond and on the house
  10. Oh my gosh, I have loads of pics of them! Too hard to choose just one!! These are from March and April of this year. I love the bathing one, because it looks like it has a real "crown", and the other one, because it has flowers in it :)
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