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  1. I have only had single Nashville, Yellow or Nashville, since then 😏 What day is good for you?
  2. Yes, I do!! Maybe next week, before migration is over 😃 You never know what birds you'll find this time of year 😃
  3. I don't even know what they sound like. Now, I have to go listen. I need to remember to watch your lists, and you need to watch mine. Seriously, you are welcome here, anytime there's a bird you want to see!!!
  4. I'm so sorry!! You would have had to stay all day, to see them. They very rarely landed within view this year. You are always welcome at my place!! I had a serious good warbler day last week...Prairie, Wilson's, Black-throated Green, Yellow, Nashville and Mourning Warblers, but the Prairie only showed one day. You have more yard birds than I do, so it never occurred to me that you would need the ducks, because they seem so common. We aren't far apart, it seems, but it makes a difference for some birds.
  5. They nest here ❤️ We are fortunate down here, in Texas, because we have Summer Birds, Winter Birds AND migrants passing through twice a year. If you live very far north, you lose some of the variety. We also have lots of variety of habitat. You'll have to come visit Texas one day. Kevin and I can show you some birds and really get your life list up 😃
  6. When did you have the Black-billed Cuckoo??? Can't believe you didn't tell me 😲 That would be a lifer.
  7. It will be, if you keep at it 🙂 By the way, Warbling Vireo is a great bird 🙂 I had three in the yard a couple of days ago...I love migrations ❤️ What part of the country are you in?
  8. Ha ha ha ha, you just made me realize I need to fix that....it's 167 now 😃 Had a Prairie Warbler and Bullock's Oriole last week, and a couple of fly-overs, White-faced Ibis and Yellow-crowned Night-Heron 😃 I had a Common Loon fly-over a couple of years ago. No telling how many fly-overs I've missed, though 🤔
  9. I've seen more than I've gotten pictures of, for sure!! They are always FAR away, they're always just ID'able shots 🤣
  10. I don't see them often around home, but I got a couple of shots in CA and one in Rwanda...
  11. Looks like lots of people have gotten great shots of the grebes 😃 Here are a couple of my faves...
  12. Not one everyone thinks to take pictures of, but I love the vultures!! I think they are awesome, beautiful, and so graceful, as they soar effortlessly through the sky ❤️
  13. I forgot about this one, from way back in my early birding days, that was way overblown, but turned out pretty cool...
  14. One of my favorite birds, but very hard to get good shots of! Here are my fav shots...
  15. This can't possibly be the only picture of a Ring-necked Duck that I have, but it's the only one I have that is labeled, so I guess it's the best 🙂
  16. I can only find old shots of Bullock's and Baltimore, but this year, in the same day, but two different locations, I saw Bullock's xBaltimore Orioles 😲
  17. How do you delete a post? I didn't realize my picture posted twice 🙄
  18. These guys are hard to get the exposure right on, and it doesn't help that they are usually so far away. This is the best I got 🙂
  19. Not the best really, but my favorite....my resident Barred Owl momma, Heloise, preparing to feed her hootlets my gift to them, today ❤️
  20. Oh, and here is an old one, with more red an d white in it 🙂
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