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  1. Not one everyone thinks to take pictures of, but I love the vultures!! I think they are awesome, beautiful, and so graceful, as they soar effortlessly through the sky ❤️
  2. I forgot about this one, from way back in my early birding days, that was way overblown, but turned out pretty cool...
  3. One of my favorite birds, but very hard to get good shots of! Here are my fav shots...
  4. This can't possibly be the only picture of a Ring-necked Duck that I have, but it's the only one I have that is labeled, so I guess it's the best ?
  5. I can only find old shots of Bullock's and Baltimore, but this year, in the same day, but two different locations, I saw Bullock's xBaltimore Orioles ?
  6. How do you delete a post? I didn't realize my picture posted twice ?
  7. These guys are hard to get the exposure right on, and it doesn't help that they are usually so far away. This is the best I got ?
  8. Not the best really, but my favorite....my resident Barred Owl momma, Heloise, preparing to feed her hootlets my gift to them, today ❤️
  9. Oh, my!! I have about 1000 Bluebird pictures. It's so hard to choose!! These are 4 of many faves ?
  10. Not one I have gotten many pictures of. These are from 6 years ago ? I like and remember the one where the bird is upright, because it's pupils are dilated differently, because the sun is shining in only one eye.
  11. I have had a Ladder-backed here one time, but only once. The red on the head of the Ladder-backed comes farther toward the forehead. This one was one of my resident Downy's enjoying a sprinkler bath ?
  12. I have started several times, spent countless hours deleting pictures I know I'll never do anything with, and am getting better about not keeping as many, mostly because I'm running out of disk space ? I have hundreds of thousands of pictures, of everything LOL ? Fortunately, I don't have time to take hundreds of pictures every day, anymore, not the motivation, but when I go birding....???? Thanks for the encouragement ?
  13. The best I can find ? I have so many photos never processed or named...makes finding them rather difficult ?
  14. Like someone else mentioned, they are only here in Winter, and aren't common even then. Add on that, if you see one, they are one of the hardest birds to get a decent picture of, because they move so fast and constantly, so I am very pleased when I do get a picture!!! I have only gotten a few ?
  15. I have an older one I really like, in the nest, and got a bunch recently watching a frenzy of nest building and mating at a local lake...
  16. If I am out birding, away from my home, I follow these guidelines, basically, because it may help others. At my own home, it is only really relevant what birds are present on that day. If I don't see/hear the bluebirds until 9a, but cut my list off because I started early, it doesn't mean the bluebirds weren't there, just that I didn't notice them.
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