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  1. Western PA this afternoon. My view of this was so poor that it's probably not worth anyone's time to look but I was hoping there was some way to positively identify it. It was on the far side of the lake, behind some branches so no way to get a good look. These photos are severe crops and I included one with a lone canoe on the lake for scale. It doesn't really look right (to me) for Snow Goose but hard to tell what else it could be. Thanks for any indication.
  2. Seen in western PA this morning. I assume Tundra Swan because that's much more common for us but wanted to make sure. These photos are all the same bird. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks everyone. I see Rock Pigeons so infrequently that I had never seen this white morph before.
  4. We were out at the pumpkin farm over the weekend when I saw a flock of white birds off in the distance. They looked like some sort of gull but didn't make sense in terms of the location. I grabbed a few shots and saw that they were pigeons or doves. I assume these are homing or racing pigeons (or just some type of domestic bird) that are probably being kept or raised on this farm? I couldn't figure out why they were flying around freely like this.
  5. Two sparrows seen this evening in western PA. The first must be a juvenile White-throated. I had not seen one in this plumage before. I'm about 99% sure the second one is a juvenile(?) Song Sparrow but was somehow hoping it was a Lincoln's. I think the beak is not slender enough for Lincoln's. However, the bird just looked a little "different" to me.
  6. Thanks much as always! The "blue feet" comment was not something I had realized before. I will remember that for the future.
  7. Seen in western PA this afternoon. In the field I thought this was a Tennessee since the beak appeared to be straight and not hooked. However, after looking at the photos it seems that it's a Philadelphia Vireo. Yes?
  8. Thanks everyone. I can hardly find a Blackpoll in the spring to save my life but it seems I haven't seen much else this weekend!
  9. I know my spring warblers but clearly not my fall! seen in western PA this evening. Can I get some help with these? 1. Very unclear to me but maybe Northern Parula? 2. Hoping Bay-breasted because of the color on the sides but it's probably another Blackpoll 3. Blackpoll ? I also got Magnolia, Black-throated Blue, and Chestnut-sided today but those are obvious. Thanks for the help!
  10. Ugh, thank you. 🙂 I guess it was Blackpoll day!
  11. I can't seem to match this up definitively with anything (Blackpoll, Blackburnian, Bay-breasted). Legs appear darker to me which excludes Blackpoll but maybe it's just lighting. I'm sorry it's the only shot I got of this one. Maybe Cape May??
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