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  1. Ugh, thank you. I hadn't even put Pewee into consideration and those are usually pretty obvious. I did think the gray-ness was wrong for Acadian. Thanks for confirmation.
  2. Western PA this morning. Are these Acadian (two photos) and Least? Thanks for the help!
  3. These photos of two different birds were taken last week at Presque Isle in Erie, PA. Pretty confident that these are both Least by size and the shape of the head but wanted to ask for confirmation.
  4. Photographed in western PA this morning. I initially dismissed it as another Warbling but then noticed the yellow. Is this a Philadelphia?
  5. Western PA this morning. I'm much more knowledgeable on my flycatchers this year and I'm pretty confident this is Least due to size, steep forehead, and short primary extension. The only thing that's throwing me is the head appears slightly crested and not rounded. What do you think?
  6. Seen in western Pennsylvania this morning. There were a pair. I am fairly unfamiliar with shorebirds so I first thought Lesser Yellowlegs but after a quick look I know that is not correct. Assume this is Solitary Sandpiper then?
  7. I saw this feather falling from the sky this morning in western PA. It's roughly 3 1/2 inches long. I assumed a hawk due to the size (Coopers or Red-tailed) but I've never been able to identify anything from a feather. Appreciate any better educated opinions!
  8. This was in Corolla. I saw exactly two on two separate days. My untrained eye would not have noticed them were it not for them being next to the other larger Sanderlings.
  9. Thanks! Really fun for me to get a chance to photograph these once a year. It's amazing to be in that environment where wading birds surround you and brown pelicans, osprey, gulls, and terns are constantly flying up and down the beach. Definitely not the rural Pennsylvania scene I live in.
  10. Oops, yeah ("Sibling"). 🙂 My fingers get ahead of my brain sometimes. Thanks also for that breeding/winter clarification. I tend to think of September still as summer or migration so your explanation is very helpful. I hadn't thought of that.
  11. Appreciate that! I'm using a Nikon D850 and the new 500 f/5.6 PF lens. The 200-500 is nearly as good though for much less cost (although heavier).
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