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  1. Western PA this evening. Underside seems too yellow to be Blackpoll although it appears to have orange feet and I can't think of any other possibilities. I thought Magnolia at first but the feet don't match. Appreciate thoughts on this one.
  2. Thanks(!) and thank you everyone for the confirmation. I was not aware of the leg color clue in this case. Will remember that for the future.
  3. Had an unexpected visitor to the yard this afternoon (Western PA). I know that Orange-crowned Warblers are moving at this time so was really hoping this was one. However, I think it's just a Common Yellowthroat instead.
  4. Western PA this evening. Pretty sure this is Tennessee but wanted to get a second opinion. I only got shots from below. Thanks for your help.
  5. Adding another photo which probably doesn't help.
  6. Seen in Duck, NC last week. I first thought this was a no brainer Blue-winged Teal but there is no broken eye ring. Is this a Green-winged then?
  7. This (or these?) were seen at Bodie Island, NC this past week. It is possible that these are all the same bird but not entirely sure. #1 and #2 are definitely the same and #3 and #4 are the same. I'm thinking that 1 and 2 are a Pine. 3 and 4 may be another Pine but is more tricky since it was in low bushes or on the ground. Thanks for help on these.
  8. Got all of these at Pea Island in the Outer Banks over the past week. I have a good idea on some and others not so much. Can I get some help with a definitive ID? 1. ? 2. Least Sandpiper? 3. Lesser Yellowlegs? 4. ? 5. Black-bellied Plover? 6. Semipalmated Sandpiper ? 7. Black-bellied Plover?
  9. That’s great! Thanks! Should not be anywhere close to here.
  10. On vacation in NC, out of my birding element, and confused by this sparrow. Looks sort of juvenile Chipping Sparrow like but not quite right. Can someone confirm? This is today at Bodie Island.
  11. Bummer and thanks. The eye ring was throwing me. Some day I’ll see that Connecticut!
  12. Saw this skulking in the bushes at Bodie Island NC this morning. Boy do I want this to be a Connecticut but I’m feeling like it might be a Common Yellowthroat instead.
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